At  KLYS, respect and team effort is the guidance of the academy. To develop the character and determination and passion for the children to compete in the maximum of their possibility. Diet, behaviour, sacrifice, friendship, respect and confidence is some of the target.We do not just see football as a sport but as a real school of life, almost a philosophy. "In fact on the field, it's like in real life. We must teach young people to be independent, responsible and be able to take decisions. All nationalities work together, Football is only one.".

Currently with over 200 players, they have seen great success in Malaysia and internationally.


  • SEACUP overall champions 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019

  • SEACUP is a by invitation tournament, for sides from South East Asian countries at Ul0, U13, U15 and U18 ages

  • Malaysian representatives at the Gothia Cup (World Youth Cup in Sweden) since 2005

  • ESPN Disney cup champions U18 (held in Florida USA)

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Luis Pablo Pozzuto 
Director and Head Coach

A former professional football player from Argentina. With Diego Maradona himself as his coach, Luis evolved within first division teams in Argentina (San Lorenzo, Chicago, Estudiante, etc..) and Europe (Dundee United, Scotland) At 29 years old, the player joined Malaysia and its local teams such as Penang and Kelantan FC. Completely retired from the football pitch, he stayed however on the bench as the coach in various Malaysian football clubs such as USM Penang, Public Bank super league and Malacca State Team where he became champion of both leagues. At 48 years old, he is director and the head coach for the Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer, a well-known club for children from all around the world.


A former professional football player from Japan who plays as a midfielder. He was the first batch of players from KLYS and he turned professional at 21 years old, under our head coach and director, Luis Pablo Pozzuto. Toshiya landed his first professional career at Kaya FC (Philippines) in 2012 and stayed for 2 seasons. Toshiya was then signed by New Young’s SC for Sri Lanka Football Premier League in 2014 to 2015, and later went to join the Dhivehi Premier League club Maziya S&RC in 2015. During that period, Toshiya was featured for Maziya in six of their seven 2015 AFC Cup games. As of 2017 to 2018, Toshiya played for Minerva Punjab FC for the I-League season, who has previously played for Australian side Port Melbourne Sharks. He made his debut for the club against Mohun Bagan in the season opener on 25 November 2017. Currently, Toshiya still continues his passion with football whilst gaining experience in coaching with KLYS.

Mak Fatt Soon 
Director and Coach

Coach Mak has been a truly valued member of the KLYS family since 2005. Coach Mak is a  former Malaysian national player  who is now also playing for the Malaysian Veterans National team.


A former professional football player, Yuzaiman has evolved within Malaysia. Representing Malaysia, internationally in the Olympics, Kirin Cup in Japan and in the World cup qualifying rounds. In Malaysia itself Yuzaiman played for Kuala Lumpur football Association, MPPJ Selangor and PKNS. After retirement, his passion still continued and became a football coach.





"KLYS was probably where I learned everything, either in football or in life. I learned how to be a man through out the years, the coaches are amazing aswell. They helped me progress real quick. It's thanks to KLYS that I am where I am now."  

- Bertrand Fourrier

"You only realize how much you love KLYS when your time at the club is finally up. I would like to thank everyone for making KLYS the thing I'll miss the most when I'm out of Malaysia. Keep playing great football and listen to the coaches. They really know what they're doing and make the best mentors you could ever ask for. Forever KLYS "

- Casper Hermens

"KLYS is definitely not your average football academy in Malaysia. Throughout my 5 years there has not been a training session that I’d say that I’ve not gained anything from. Training sessions have always been what I’d look forward to the most during the week. KLYS has always been a family club, not just from the way that parents are so closely involved but from the way your team-mates and the coaches treat and respect each and every player.  The skills I have gained during my time on the immaculate fields of Kelab Aman have not only benefitted me on the field but it has also taught me responsibility and leadership skills, hence translating into results in the classroom. My time here has been a remarkable experience and is impossible to put into words.

You only ever realize how much you miss the sessions, training ground banter and the camaraderie until you’re no longer there. KLYS will always mean more than just a football club to me; it’s a family #ForeverKLYS."

- Nick Chan

"Coming from a person who has played football almost all his life, I can tell you that there has been no better experience than being part of the KLYS family. And the reason is much deeper than our success on the pitch. I was taught many valuable lessons, made lifelong friends along the way and learned the true meaning of being in a team. It is very humbling to have witnessed how much the club has grown since it first began, and it will continue to become bigger and better thanks to all the people who make it happen. If you are new to the club, stay motivated and committed to your coaches and team mates and you will soon realise that it is the BEST football club in Malaysia. I can safely say that I miss the good old days."

 - Carlos Villa.

"The KLYS team I remember was like a family in so many ways. This group of players worked and trained hard together and motivated each other to ensure the team was as strong as it could be. The team made sure that everyone arrived at training on time and was ready to train hard for the benefit of the entire team. I also believe KLYS was such a strong team as the squad had a really good balance between leaders, senior people and key players in each position with younger players coming through to challenge for positions. As a truly international team, KLYS players bonded together with a great understanding of each other’s views and had total respect for each other. All members of this KLYS team trusted each another and were also willing to admit when they had made a mistake or let the team down in order to work hard to rectify the issues and allow the team to build and ensure these mistakes do not reoccur. 

As a truly international team, KLYS players bonded together with a great understanding of each other’s views and had total respect for each other. All members of this KLYS team trusted each another and were also willing to admit when they had made a mistake or let the team down in order to work hard to rectify the issues and allow the team to build and ensure these mistakes do not reoccur.

I will probably remember the KLYS team off the pitch more than on the pitch, because the team was built around a tight group of friends who had an absolute understanding of the KLYS lifestyle and way of training. The philosophy of Coach Luis was reflected throughout the team and that is the main reason why the KLYS team found continued success both on and off the pitch. The attitude and dedication of the coaches was reflected onto the players which helped them develop into men and learn much more valuable lessons than just football itself. 

I will remain in contact with many of my KLYS teammates and friends forever." 

- Ollie Funnell 

"KLYS is more than a football club, it’s a family. The friends made throughout my time at the club have become life-long friends and the lessons learnt from the coaches have helped me develop to the person I am today. I would like to thank my teammates and coaches who always gave 100%.  Without the commitment of the coaches and the players KLYS would not be the club it is today.  Good luck for the future. "

-Mark Funnell

"Besides the footballing excellence that runs through KLYS, it would be fair to say that KLYS represented much more than a football club to me. It was a close-knit family where all the right principles were promoted and everyone committed them selves in order to achieve individual and team success. 

It is these values that I still abide to today and without them,I would not be person that I currently am. KLYS will always have a special place in my heart."

- Zac Liew











Juniors ( U5, U9 , U11)

Wednesdays : 16.30-18.00 in ISKL (old campus) -  Jalan Kolam Air Lama, Ampang 

Saturdays : 8.30-10.00 in Kelab Aman 

Seniors (U13, U15 ,U18 ) in ISKL (old campus) -  Jalan Kolam Air Lama, Ampang 

Tuesdays & Thursdays : 16.30 - 18.00 

Sundays from 08.30 - 10.00       


Tuesdays & Thursdays : 17.30 - 19.00

Sundays : 08.30 -10.00


Tuesday & Thursday : 17.30 - 19.00

Sundays : 10.30 - 13.00



Juniors & Seniors at ISKL (old campus) -  Jalan Kolam Air Lama, Ampang  on
Sundays : 08.30 - 10.30



New Enrolment :

Seniors RM1110.00 per Term 

Juniors RM1050.00 per Term 

Returning Players

Seniors : RM996.40 per term 

Juniors : RM 943.40 per term                                     

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